Upcoming Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff October 22, 2022

Upcoming Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff October 22, 2022

Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff Takes Place October 22, 2022

Hoonify Technologies Inc. and the Supercomputing Challenge are hosting the 33rd annual Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM on October 22nd.

The Kickoff, which takes place at Room Workman 101 on Saturday, October 22nd at 6:30 PM, will begin with a keynote presentation about how new advances in personal supercomputing are creating a new generation of innovators and engineers right here in New Mexico. 

HoonifyHoonify Technologies believes everyone deserves the power to solve real problems – including our students in New Mexico. That’s why Hoonify is partnering with the 33rd annual New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge to uncover the two superpowers you need to become the next generation of innovators and engineers: supercomputer education and supercomputer access. 

Hoonify Technologies is a local tech startup in Albuquerque, New Mexico, co-founded by two New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge alum, whose mission is to make supercomputing available to everyone – especially to our students. Hoonify wants to give you the ability to harness your SUPER powers to change the world by: 1) providing supercomputing education programs to teach you how to engineer and control these powerful systems, and 2) helping you access personal supercomputers. But what’s the secret?!? Hoonify’s revolutionary software changes normal computers into SUPER computers, giving you the power to solve our country’s toughest problems. 

Hoonify has validated our technology over five years, including at Sandia National Labs, and Hoonify has learned two things: 1) our nation’s top scientists achieve faster results when given immediate access to personal supercomputers, and 2) institutions like Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos National Labs need students who have experience through supercomputing education. 

At the Kickoff, participants to this year’s Supercomputing Challenge will learn how to use their SUPER powers to gain better education and skills to help institutions be the best in the world. 

Please RSVP or request a video of this keynote by writing a note to consult@supercomputingchallenge.org

Come join the fun, either as a Volunteer, Sponsor, or Advocate!

The Supercomputing Challenge is supported by the New Mexico Consortium.