USRC Student Megan Fulp Receives Award

USRC Student Megan Fulp Receives Award

USRC student Megan Fulp receives award. The New Mexico Consortium (NMC) and the Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USRC) are pleased to announce that USRC student Megan Hickman Fulp has been recognized as an Outstanding Senior in the College of Science at the Coastal Carolina University Honors Convocation on May 9, 2019. Megan graduated as a Computer Science Major with a minor in Mathematics.

Each year, the college faculty chooses only one student from each department to be the Outstanding Senior. The recipients of these Departmental Awards are chosen based on their outstanding academic accomplishments and their contributions to their department. Megan received this award due to her high GPA; her volunteer work in Upsilon Pi Epsilon; her significant role in upstarting various departmental associations, including the CCU ACM Student Chapter and CCU Women in STEM Fellowship; and for serving as a departmental tutor and teaching assistant while continuing her progress as a research assistant.

The USRC has been funding Megan Hickman Fulp for almost two years. Megan came to USRC last summer and will do research at the USRC again this summer. The USRC has also been funding Megan during the school year through a university subcontract at Coastal Carolina.

During the first year of working with USRC, Megan worked on node state resilience, analyzing data to determine if nodes were failing too often. Last summer, she worked on developing a technique of analyzing system logs in order to help researchers determine the source of a log message which resulted in a publication. Recently, Megan has been working on the SaNSA project, where her group has been creating a full system that will allow them to analyze system logs to determine how a machine and its individual nodes are reacting during a given job or time span. She will continue this research this summer.

In the fall, Megan plans to pursue graduate studies in Computer Engineering at Clemson University.