NMC Booth at Los Alamos Science Fest

NMC Booth at Los Alamos Science Fest

On Saturday, July 13, 2019, the NMC staffed a booth at the Los Alamos Science Fest. The New Mexico Consortium’s (NMC) booth at the Los Alamos Science Fest’s Discovery Day featured information on the NMC and what we do, our economic partners, and science research projects.

Discovery Day was held from 10am – 3pm Saturday July 13 and was attended by hundreds of scientists, engineers, techies, artists, businesses and families. The NMC booth was staffed by NMC CEO Steve Buelow, as well as NMC employees Carrie Talus, Cynthia Sackos and Wendy Hime. The booth featured information about the NMC in general as well as specific info and demos of various NMC research projects including plant biology, space science, neuromorphic computing and machine learning.

The microscope was a big hit with a line of interested kids forming to look into it. There were various slides representing plant biology, algae and biofuels research. Kids chose to look at slides showing things such as plant roots and stems, different types of fungus, mold, pollen, algae, petals and a cactus spine.

Many people attending Discovery Day stopped by to chat with the NMC about recent news on the NMC start-up company Pebble Labs. Everyone was interested to talk more about this success story for both NMC and Pebble Labs, and also where the new NMC Biolab will be built after selling the current Biolab to Pebble.

Be sure to follow the NMC on our website www.newmexicoconsortium.org, Linkedin, and Facebook for more information on the construction of our beautiful new research biolab and greenhouse and updates on our cutting edge projects and future events.



Article by Carrie Talus, New Mexico Consortium