NMC Supports Student Researchers From All Over the Nation

NMC Supports Student Researchers From All Over the Nation

The New Mexico Consortium (NMC) supports various summer student programs every year with students coming from all over the nation. And this year is no different!

In a typical summer the NMC has to make space for the flood of incoming students, all desk space cubicles are taken, and the parking lot fills to overflowing. Students come from universities all over the United States and often from other countries as well. Students meet with their mentors regularly and have a specific project they work on over the summer. Summer weeks are filled with events such as the weekly coffee/tea social, lunchtime student gatherings, the annual summer NMC potluck at a local park, and an end of the summer Student Symposium where students present their work.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the summer of 2020 is looking very different at the NMC. Most of our scientists and staff are working from home only coming in when necessary. However, the NMC remains committed to our summer students and our summer programs remain strong!

This summer the NMC supports 25 summer students, which is slightly less than normal due to the pandemic. Although it is not your average year, amazing research continues to take place as usual! The biggest difference this year is students remain in their home states, work from home, and meet with their mentors virtually.

The NMC summer students include interns, undergraduate students, graduate students, post-bac students, and postdoctoral researchers. These students are working from their home in 11 different states which includes New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington.

Summer students the NMC supports include USRC students, Parallel Computing students, and students working for any of our various research scientists from all the research projects currently ongoing at the NMC.

The NMC is proud of our support of summer students and summer programs. Many students do research through the NMC each summer as they work on their degree, which gives them work experience in their field. Besides getting valuable experience, this has been a proven and dependable method of finding talented young scientists, and has led to many longer term hires with our scientists and at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a partner of the NMC.