NMSU’s Dr. Garcia Carrillo Tests Neuromorphic Computing For Robotic Systems

NMSU’s Dr. Garcia Carrillo Tests Neuromorphic Computing For Robotic Systems

New Mexico State University (NMSU) professor Dr. Luis Rodolfo Garcia Carrillo is testing neuromorphic computing in order to improve robotic systems.

Neuromorphic computing is a type of computer engineering that strives to create computers that operate based on the systems found in the human brain and the nervous system. By mimicking the human brain and how it sees, relates and reacts to the world is a relatively new approach to solve computational problems.

Dr. Garcia Carrillo is currently developing a robotic test-bed which will support real-time experimental validation when working on the challenges and techniques of different robotic systems. This research seeks to make breakthroughs in neuromorphic computing research when it comes to a robot or computer achieving intelligent and flexible real-time decision making.

Garcia Carrillo states that this type of autonomous robotic system using neuromorphic computing could be useful in various areas of our everyday lives such as transportation systems, power networks, surveillance, and information systems to name a few.

This research is supported by the New Mexico Consortium.


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Image at top of page taken by Vladimir Avina of NMSU.