Specifica Biotech Startup Announces Two Patents

Specifica Biotech Startup Announces Two Patents

Specifica Biotech Startup Announces Two Patents

Specifica Bio, a biotech startup based in Santa Fe, has just announced that it has recently received two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Specifica is a rapidly growing antibody engineering company founded by Andrew Bradbury.  They provide best-in-class in vitro antibody discovery libraries, selection and informatics tools, and discovery and optimization services to the pharmaceutical industry.

These two patents patents secure a method of creating an antibody library, or a collection of antibodies, as well as the libraries that are created. Currently, antibodies are the fastest growing class of therapeutics. This market is growing rapidly and there are opportunities for companies to discover new antibodies that are useful.

Why are antibody libraries useful? Monoclonal antibody drugs are treatments that enlist your body’s germ-fighting immune system against diseases. The immune system’s goal in our bodies is to detect and destroy disease-causing agents, such as bacteria and viruses. The immune system may also eliminate damaged cells, such as cancer cells.

The immune system can find and destroy invaders with antibodies. How does it do this? A specific antibody will attach to a specific molecule on the surface of the target cell, such as a cancer cell. When it binds to the cell, it serves as a signal to attract disease-fighting molecules or as a trigger to promote cell destruction by other immune system processes.

Specifica’s patented Generation 3 Antibody Library Discovery Platform yields drug-like antibodies, with broad diversity, high affinities, and few biophysical liabilities directly from selections, minimizing the need for downstream affinity and biophysical engineering. In addition to in-house antibody library designs, Specifica also collaborates closely with partners to create custom libraries in which essential elements are optimized according to partner needs.

To read more see the entire Business Wire article: Specifica Is Pleased to Announce the United States Patent and Trademark Office Has Granted Two Patents to Specifica for Its Innovative Generation 3 Antibody Discovery Platform.


Specifica Bio is supported by the New Mexico Consortium.